They Think My Wife is on Vacation

The title sounds like the opening to a great murder mystery, a husband’s tell all of how he did away with his wife, maybe to join a lover in some passionate getaway. So sorry, I have no such tale for you.

My wife Kim directs a preschool. It’s not her job, it’s her passion. She has devoted her life to educating the little ones; gets 2, 3, 4 year-olds a good start to the foundation that all people need to win in life. She understands and can facilitate a preschooler’s learning life better than anyone I have ever met. Maybe you’ve heard of a “horse whisperer”? She is the child whisperer, only it’s not just about behavior. With few exceptions, she sees the potential in every child. What she does with children is magic.

Some of the people who work with her see her ability, follow her lead, and learn from her. Some don’t. All think she is on vacation now, a complete diversion from her usual life, away from the roar of the children. She is in a good place with one of our sons hundreds of miles from our home.

Yet at every store, restaurant, park she observes and uses those observations to refine what she knows about children. What she sees goes way beyond behavior to the wonder, the discovery, the uncovering of a world that a child does. She sees into the thousands of ways that children learn. She calls it “connecting the dots”, metaphorically like the child’s game that makes a picture, more specifically the neural connections in the brain. She will read the latest literature in the field. She will write up plans and curriculum for the preschool. She will get new team members in place by long distance, always searching for those with the passion for working with children that she has. She will do a thousand other things for her work that I can’t even think of. They think my wife is on vacation.


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