Family Dimensions: I want it and I want it NOW

A desire for immediate gratification contributes greatly to the destruction of family. The ability to delay gratification is a sign of maturity.

In a previous life, I took inventories, which meant I found myself standing on milk crates in grocery stores early on Sunday mornings, an interesting place from which to observe the world. I could hear a young boy in the next aisle whining and nagging his mother to buy him a toy that he had found. This went on for some time until I heard a smack, the sound of flesh meeting flesh. The whining turned to wailing with a scream from the mom, “I told you ‘NO’, now you have a nosebleed.”  Yep, she’d caught him right in the nose.

What a horrible display of being a brat, clearly someone who only thought of immediate gratification.  Not the kid, the mom. Change the kid’s behavior and change it NOW, by the shortest means available … in this case, physical abuse. Take a step back and look at the actions you model, and then you wonder why your child sees something and wants it right away?


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