Are you up for writing a family plan?

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s an amazing feeling, but more so, it’s a powerful verb. All families should be based on it. How is it that so many families disintegrate or fail to function with unity?

Often people come to my office believing they want to fulfill a dream of starting their own business. Some have spent a lot of time and effort thinking through exactly what they want to do, but most come in with a momentary passion for an idea. Many families start the same way. How much more stable and better prepared for the twists and turns of life would a marriage be for a couple that went into it with a plan that they can both agree on? Ridiculous, you say? Ridiculous that a couple agrees on how they will spend their income, how many children, if any, they want to have and how those children will be raised, where they want to live, and how they will handle various emergencies that may occur as one thing is certain, emergencies are going to occur.

Peter De Vries said,

The value of marriage is not that adults produce children, but that children produce adults

. Have you found that certain someone? Are you dreaming together about a sweet future? Has the question been popped yet? Don’t put more effort into planning the wedding than planning the marriage. The wedding is one day, the marriage should be a lifetime.


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