The most beautiful woman in the world … exposed.

Jessie woke up in a sack full of warm fluid. She tried to stretch some, pushing a leg out, a hand forward.  Though she has no memory of any other time waking up in here, her space has become increasingly more cramped. There is nothing to look at, as it is always dark. She smells nothing since she is not breathing air into her lungs.  There is a constant rhythm “thump-thump, thump-thump” and the occasional vibration of noise that is sometimes strong and irritating, but sometimes soothing.  There are other sounds, gurgling, release of gas, growlings, in fact sometimes it sounds like a factory in full progress.  And there are pressures placed against her, not like being actually touched, but pressure from somewhere outside this chamber that is the only existence she knows.

In a few days to a few weeks, Jessie will leave this chamber of existence never to return again. It will be a frightful experience that will shock her entire system.  It must feel like death.  Don’t worry, she will have no memory of it. For now, she fairly enjoys this place she is in, but then, it’s the only existence she knows.

There is a woman carrying this chamber and the life inside.  And everything that happens to this woman is experienced by the one inside.  What she eats, what she drinks, what she smokes, chemicals she introduces to her body, stresses she incurs, and all sorts of emotional states all create more or less discomfort to Jessie. For Jessie, cells are replicating and specializing and reacting to the environment from which she is drawing her existence.  It’s a miracle.

This woman, the one with the life inside, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  Be aware that what happens to her happens to the child inside.  Every child is a gift from God. That includes the one soon to give birth.  That includes us all. That includes the little one soon to make an appearance.  How will you treat the ones you wake up with?


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