What Makes Family So Important?

Can you answer the question for me?  What is it that makes family important?  Or perhaps you don’t agree with the premise. If family is not important to you, why not?  Have you been abandoned by family?  Do you avoid family?  How is it that some people steer clearly wide of the family from which they came, but can go on to have successful families of their own? 

For me, family is the warmest, happiest place I go.  I blog on family because my best memories are times with my family and my happiest moments are when I am in their company. It is such a great feeling, I want everyone to have that experience. I believe it is a common experience based on the number of commercials and shows centered around it. It’s just prevalent in our society.

And yet, I see so many families disintegrate. 

I think Seth Adam Smith hit it on the head with his blog, “Marriage Isn’t For You”.


This speaks to the disintegration of a family when the “I” becomes more important than the “we”.  I support this notion cautiously because a very good friend is going through a divorce now after years of suffering mental abuse,  and like so many abuse victims, she keeps asking herself what did she do wrong and is she to blame for this.  When someone hands you a blog like this in the midst of ending a marriage to an abusive narcissist, you tend to wrap yourself in a blanket of guilt. We could not be more supportive of this particular friend’s divorce.

I also am well aware that not every family starts with a marriage.  Another very good friend has a family that is her, her daughter and her mother. She intended it that way. The daughter was born through in vitro fertilization.  The woman is a successful executive. It’s a great family that we love.

Modern Family is more than just a TV sitcom.

We have a son that is 700 miles away. He could not be more in this family if he lived in the same house. Cell phones and internet make it way easier to stay in touch. He and his brother are on their computers together over the internet almost every night. It’s a great family we have.

The center of a family is love, pure and simple. It’s a love so strong that you would die for each other. It is a love that is relentless, unconditional, forgiving.

Love is a verb. How will you love your family today?  How will they know you care?

You can’t love anybody else if you don’t love yourself first. What will you do to make yourself healthy, happy, in touch with God, and a better human being?

At work, are you listening?  What will your customers tell you today?  What are they asking for?  SEEK to understand, not try to understand. Anticipate expectations.

Character/Competence. How will those around you develop this week?  What deposits can you make into the culture?  What is it that this organization can become?

Financial stability. What must go out / be billed this week in order to be here next week?  Who is waiting on what?


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