Arriving home

The family is sleeping in this morning. It’s a welcome let down after a busy month of holiday related activities. Ours are not self-imposed.  When you direct a preschool team, when you are the organist for a church, you are expected to deliver a “holiday spectacular”. 

Pastor Carrie Smith summed it up nicely with her church newsletter.

In it she talks of the twelve days of Christmas that begin with Christmas Day. Twelve days of quiet, no bulletins, no meetings, time with family, and my families’ favorite, sleeping in.  When you think about it, it is a miracle how much work goes into what Dr. Seuss called a “whobilation”. 

Give thanks to all the retail clerks that tried to match us with the right gifts, to the servers, cooks, and rest of the support staff that fed us as we ran to shopping, activities,  and  the rest of the preparations, to the multitude behind the cameras, writing the copy, recording the film, and the rest of the production that make those in front of the cameras look so good. I met so many people working hard just doing their jobs trying to make this experience as pleasant as possible. 

To those who think yours is just a job, just a means of support, just what I have to do because it’s all I could get, let me tell you from the other side of the transaction, it is work that matters.  Jon Acuff in his books Quitter and Start gives guidance to working your way to your dream job keeping in mind that your dream job may be the one you now have.  As Robert Schuler said, “Bloom where you are planted.”  Gratitude to those who you meet every day, serving you with their work, and appreciation for the job you have and the ability to serve others, that is the Christmas spirit you can carry throughout the year.

“God bless us everyone.”


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