Unifying values

When the Olympics are on we thrill at the competition.  In so many sports, we see people going head to head one minute, giving hugs and back slaps to each other the next.  It seems like a kind of utopia with the spirit of the game taking presidence.

Of special interest are the team sports, teams that seem to play like a single unit they are so unified by a mission. Anyone who has played on a team, knows the work involved in getting to that single purpose.  Individuals don’t stop being individuals just because they are playing on a team, and it takes a top notch coach to get members to set their individuality aside for the good of the team.

Families are teams, teams often without coaches. Parents sometimes like to try to take the role of coaches, but that is a difficult role to fill when you have the interest of one team member over the other.  Children can be the unifying value in a family or disagreements over the handling of situations with children can destroy a family.  Children are innocent. They are the members who come to the team with one purpose in mind, making the team work.

We buy children all sorts of toys, put them in activities, spend money on elaborate vacations all in attempts to try to make them happy, when the thing that makes them the happiest is a family that loves each other and is committed to each other.  A team’s best season is the one where all the members are playing together and anticipating each other’s needs.  The season when no individual puts their needs above the team’s needs.  Now that’s fun.


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