Life is a battlefield, love is the artillery that gets you through it.

A couple of posts ago (“Enough walking in a winter wonderland”), I commented on the victims and heroes of the weather we have been going through this year.  This week, I became one of the victims.  The sad thing is that it had nothing to do with the cold and the snow, in fact it was the first nice day in what had been a long string of nasty weather.  I was crossing the parking lot from my car to the door of my office building, stepped into a drain that had sunk into the pavement and fell against my outstretched arm that was trying to protect me. My automatic reaction protected my head from what would have been a severe concussion, but my arm took one for the team. I broke the upper arm just below the ball that goes into the shoulder socket.

This is the place where I whine and complain about the pain, which I’m sure a lot of people can identify with, but instead, I’d like to thank the academy for this award which I proudly display in front of me in a sling. To my friend, who I was chatting with as we crossed the lot, and saw me do my stunt. Thank you for helping me into the office and calling for help.   Your kindness will not be forgotten. To my team at work who helps and supports me every day, and has redoubled their efforts so as a firm, we do not skip a beat. I am grateful for each and  every one of you.  To the EMTs that gently placed me on the gurney and transported me to the hospital.   To a hospital staff who made me as comfortable as possible while they gathered the best information they could to evaluate how to handle this trauma.  And most of all to my family who came to the hospital, gathered up the pieces and took them home to begin the process of repair & restoring. Thank you.

So to get to the point. My last blog on this subject addressed the need for an emergency fund. Cash that helps you get through the unexpected. Every bit as important as financial deposits are the emotional deposits into accounts of the people who you can trust to love and care for you when the chips are down.  That requires daily effort to treat those people with the utmost respect, love, and caring. Doing the little things can make big deposits.  No assuming they know how you feel about them.  Love is a verb.


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