Living Intentionally

I’m back. Most people never knew I was gone. Tax season had come and swept me away (as you may recall, I am a CPA) and so for years the rigors of my profession drag me out of the river of life to sit on the bank and create document after document. I’d rather be swimming.

I chose the profession, I chose this way of life.  As I walked for the first time this morning, I realized how my physical core had weakened during the last 15 weeks while my body had melted into my desk chair.  And I thought to.myself how much walking is like living intentionally. It is having a destination in mind, even if that destination is to get back home, and then a matter of placing one foot after the other.

So much of what we do in life is dictated by the circumstances. So often we are handed the work to do, the projects to complete, and almost automatically, we use our training to complete the task.  We are in control, but we are not.  There are narrow parameters for completing the assignment. It is so much like it was in school. We are given our assignment and our grade depends on how well we conform to the teacher’s expectations. Life consists of meeting expectations, whether it is that of your customer, your boss, the government, your spouse, your parents or your children. To say, “I don’t care about anyone else, I am going to live only my own expectations” is to deny life, and to deny yourself happiness, because we find the greatest happiness in bringing happiness to others.

Within that context, though, is our ability to define our own destinations, to set our goals, to take step after step in the direction of worthy accomplishments that we want to achieve.  This is called living intentionally, for your career, for your family, for your own being. Where are you going today?