Live an Inspired Life

Inspire – “to fill the mind, heart, etc., with grace …”  I previously talked about sharpening the saw.  I had discussed it from the physical life, tuning your body, regardless of what your job requirements are.  One has a mental, an emotional and a spiritual life as well.

Talking about the spirit is not in vogue these days for fear of being labeled a religious fanatic.  Part of my journey in this life has been to discover the being within me and a greater being I refer to as God. I came to God by way of a Christian tradition, but I do not pretend to know enough to say there is no other way to come to God.  I have been inspired by people who have walked other traditions as well as those who share my Christian faith.

Inspire from the Latin inspirare meaning to breathe upon or into.  To sharpen the spiritual saw, requires finding things that inspire you, that breathe life into you. There is beauty that impacts the senses. You have to take the time to appreciate it. And there are words that fill the mind and heart if you will but listen.

If you want to strengthen your spirit, you will have to seek that which inspires you. Find those who can speak into your life.


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