Don’t Let Life Pass You By

A beautiful day at the start of autumn. Warm enough for the air conditioners to still run. No hint of the chill of winter that would soon make its appearance. Unlike the fall when the trees all change at once splashing color all over like the finale of a fireworks, there were only splashes of color here and there in a landscape that remained mostly green. The fields of corn, however, which had grown tall green stalks all summer were now turning to gold, gold in appearance and gold that would soon fill the farmers pockets, at least they hope if the price holds up. Most of that gold will be reinvested back into the soil come next spring.

Some children are returning to school, some are getting their first taste of “education”. At two- or three-years-old, children don’t realize they are being subjected to an environment to aid their discovery, what Kim calls “connecting the dots”. In child’s play we think of the pictures created as a child recognizes and orders numbers. In biology, it is the electrical firing between the neurons in the brain that takes place as a child learns. The importance of setting a culture that not only strengthens core knowledge, but helps a child to a healthy emotional path of dealing with other individuals is so underrated. Yet the advantages of children enriched by such a culture is so marked, it can be observed with the naked eye. The tests all prove it even though no.testing is required to demonstrate it.

The mark of a fully integrated human being includes the ability to take that learning process established early on and carry it on throughout life. It is especially vital as you take on new roles, particularly those of mother or father. Assuming you know all that you need to know because of the way in which you were raised is a faulty assumption. Common sense is so uncommon. If you think it “just makes sense” to do things a certain way, that thought should prod you to dig deeper. Raising children is such a fragile task, we can inflict permanent damage. If you choose that responsibilty or if it is thrust upon you, you must learn all you can. Life inflicts enough scars of its own without being mishandled by a well-meaning parent.

Taking on the roll of mother or father is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in life if you do it right. And along the way, don’t forget to pull out your camp chairs and just sit out staring up at the starry-lit night with your child. It will leave you with a feeling like nothing else.


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