Freshly mowed lawn

mown grass

I’m mowing the grass again this year.  After some years of outsourcing the care of the lawn to lawn services, I have resumed responsibility for it, much to the chagrin of my neighbor who owns the lawn service that I was using.  Although cost was a small part of my original consideration, my real incentive was the exercise.  You can’t hire out your exercise program, and believe me, I have tried.  I subscribed to Mark Twain’s feelings that the best way to handle the urge to exercise was to lay down until it passed.

I’m always amazed when I see pictures of myself, I am so much larger that the picture of me that is in my mind.  If I’d had any of this bulk when I was a kid, I would have played football, but I was a skinny little kid with my ribs sticking out, and confidentially, no athletic ability to speak of.

I am convinced that God gave us lawns to go with our homes when He saw that we are no longer hunters and gatherers.  My lawn mowing experiences since my restart have brought back things that I did not realize I was missing.  Monthly Boy Scout camp outs used to give me a connection with nature, but that has been a few years ago, so lawn mowing does put me in that outside environment again with some beautiful birds.  While I could complete the lawn in a single motion in my younger days, it now requires 2 – 3 rest periods, pleasant 15 minute periods when I can sit with nothing to do and enjoy the breeze and the smell of the freshly mowed grass.

Speaking of that smell, I know a family that gave “Dad” a candle scented as “freshly mowed grass” for Father’s Day.  No comment as to whether “Dad” really appreciated the gift.  One of my earliest memories as a child was my dad mowing the grass with the old rotary mower (it didn’t have a motor), and mom raking it together so a little Kurt could pick it up and put it in the bushel basket.  For Millenials, the rotary lawn mower has not been replaced with a digital version, it just has a motor now … and sometimes a seat … but a digital version is probably not far away.

So keep it simple and remember to enjoy all of life, even mowing the grass.


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