What I want in the next president

Who cares?  Who cares what I want in the next president?  Everybody has an opinion about it, why should mine matter?

It doesn’t, other than the fact that I am just another of 330 million Americans and I think this is what you want, too.

I want a president who is going to administer a government that serves it’s people. I’m tired of presidents who think their job is to dictate rules that make people behave in the way they think people should behave. We have two houses of Congress for that. Our forefathers set up those two houses in different ways, so that no one way of thinking can override any other way of thinking. It’s not ideal, but it works better than most other manners of government, so let those people do their jobs.

A president has an awesome responsibility to administer agencies that protect the common person and allow that person to be a productive member of society.  That is why it is called an administration.

We need a military where a young person can go to learn skills and discipline that will make them a productive member of society the rest of their life.  The military protects from natural and man-made disasters that can hit our country as a whole  or any group within it. Examples are hurricanes, lunatics, and invasions from other governments. The military provides a safe environment, and within a safe environment we have the ability to do great things.  The solution to evil invading our lives (bombs at marathons, shootings at schools or theaters, etc.) is not gun control but the presence of visible personnel there to protect the common good.

The government also oversees the delivery of safe food and medication to our store shelves, makes sure that we are not abused by our employers or in interactions with each other, and provides areas and institutions where we can relax, appreciate and learn about the things that God and our predecessors have provided us. These things do not come without a price, so there needs to be a fair and equitable system for collecting the funds.

So it appears that what I am looking for is a great administrator who will have the best interest of an honest, productive person at heart, not someone who promises freebies and a better life. Give me a government that is meeting its obligations, and I can find a better life.