The best kind of magic …

Thoughts from January 1, 2014 still apply as we start 2016. Personally 2015 was a very tough year … may there be more bright days than dark days in the year ahead for you.

Family Dimensions

New year’s eve is the best kind of magic. The slate is wiped clean, all that was, no longer is, and the horrible things that happened during the year can now be put behind us. Here is to a better 2014. The symbol of the newborn fits because the new year is all full of hope and promise.

In that light, we promise not to drag the same old self into the new year, to take better care of ourselves. We will lose the weight, handle our money better, and set new career goals for ourselves. By golly, it is going to be a better year! 

Sometimes it doesn’t take very many steps into the new year or even a new day until we get a sign that maybe the day or the year is not going to be all that we had hoped.   Here comes Debbie Downer.  Frustration appears…

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