The focus is on you

Ever thought about being a star … all that fame, paparazzi chasing you everywhere?  Would it be nice to be the center of attention?  Or maybe you are just the opposite.  Keep the camera off of me, I’m too uncomfortable when people are looking at me.

Here’s the breaking news. You are on stage, every time you are with someone, but most especially in front of your kids. Do you want to see what a child’s home life is like?  Go sit in their preschool classroom for a couple of hours. Have a child that is out of control?  Have a home that is out of control?

Remember when you were on your best behavior whenever you were with your spouse before you married them?  Do you wish sometimes you could have the person you were dating instead of the one you married, even though they are the same person?  Why do we treat complete strangers better than the people we love the most?

When I come home, I want to be able to turn off Person Wonderful and just let my hair down and be me. Sounds wonderful. My suggestion, live by yourself. If there is another person in that house – parent, child, spouse, roommate, whoever – you have a responsibility to be on your best behavior with them and in front of them – always. Because you are always setting the example. Even leaving to go off by yourself is sending a message. Talking on the phone?  They are hearing every word you are saying.

So when can you just be yourself?  Here’s a clue. Be a fully integrated human being. That means someone with integrity. Be trustworthy.  Be loyal. Be helpful. Be friendly. Be courteous. Be kind. Be obedient (yes, I said obedient. Look it up.) Be cheerful. Be thrifty. Be brave (you know, like in the movie). Be clean. Be reverant. Then you can be yourself all the time.